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HM Digital 'TDS 3' (PPM) Meter

Price: 40.00

Silver Well Generator and Thermal Stirrer Kit

Price: 240.00

Straight 18cm Silver Electrodes (Pair)

Price: 35.00

Colloidal Silver Gel Kit

Price: 25.00

Extra Electrodes for Silver Well. WITH brass tip.(Pair)

Price: 35.00

Freight for Kits

Price: 10.00

Battery Power Adaptor Leads

Price: 5.00

Extra Globes for Thermal stirrers (Pair)

Price: 5.00

Extra Electrodes for Silver Well. WITHOUT Brass Tip. (Pair)

Price: 35.00

1000 ppm Colloidal Silver Gel

Price: 50.00

Spinners for magnetic stirrers (Pair)

Price: 3.00

Payment for Unlisted Items.

Price: 1.00

Postage for Meters, Lasers, Gel, Cal solution

Price: 5.00

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