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Arthur Bowers Seed Compost

Price: £4.95

Vermiculite per Litre

Price: £0.40

Arthur Bowers New Horizon Organic Compost

Price: £5.85

Arthur Bowers John Innes No 3 Compost

Price: £5.35

Arthur Bowers Ericaceous Compost

Price: £4.45

Athur Bowers Multipurpose Compost

Price: £5.29

Vitax Q4 Multipurpose Compost

Price: £6.65

Arthur Bowers Bark Chips 100 litres

Price: £9.99

Perlite per Litre

Price: £0.40

Growise Growbag

Price: £3.99

Medium Bell Cloche Pack of 3

Price: £7.99

Giant Cloche Hoops and Clips Pack of 5

Price: £19.99

Plastic Sheeting 6M X 2M

Price: £12.99

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