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Gray Speckle Graniteware Pot Lid

Price: $8.99

Pyrex Refrigherator Dish, Butterprint

Price: $15.00

Anthony Shaw Ironstone Platter

Price: $55.00

Blue Swirl Graniteware Bowl

Price: $24.00

Gray Speckle Graniteware Saucepan

Price: $20.00

Bavarian Floral Bud Vase

Price: $22.00

12-inch Vintage Letter U, Serif White

Price: $12.00

Gray Speckle Graniteware Baking Pan

Price: $15.00

10-inch Vintage Letter I, Red Serif

Price: $10.00

Animal Skewers, set of 6

Price: $48.00

Cobalt & Black Graniteware Ladle

Price: $15.50

Allerton Pavilion Creamer/Sugar Set

Price: $40.00

Green Console Bowl, Vintage

Price: $18.00

GEram Creamer-Sugar Set

Price: $20.00

Lemon Fork with hallmarks

Price: $20.00

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