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McCOLLEY. The Other Side HC SIGNED. 21.95 21.95
WHITE. The Evening Gun SC. 19.95 19.95
PRICE. Luftwaffe Handbook, 1939-1945 HC. 12.95 12.95
WILLIAMS. The History of American Wars from 1745 to 1918 HC. 16.95 16.95
McCUTCHAN. Halfhyde and the Chain Gangs HC. 19.95 19.95
STANTON. Life Sixty Years: A 60th Anniversary Celebration 1936-1996 HC. 14.95 14.95
TROTTER. Littera et Sensus HC. 12.50 12.50
STEELE. Pocket History HC. 12.95 12.95
POPE. Hornblower’s Navy SC. 18.95 18.95
NORWICH. Paradise of Cities PROOF. 9.50 9.50
STEWART. The Magnificent Savages HC. 14.95 14.95
TUCKER. High Tide at Gettysburg HC. 12.95 12.95
WACHER. The Coming of Tome HC. 9.50 9.50
PUCK. Sacrifice at Vicksburg: Letters from the Front HC. 19.95 19.95
MCEVOY. Terrible Angel A Novel of Michael Collins in New York HC. 12.00 12.00
WILSON. The Circumnavigators HC. 19.95 19.95
SULLIVAN. Glorious Treasures Ancient Egypt HC. 16.50 16.50
MUNSON. The Pocket Encyclopedia of World Aircraft in Color: Bombers 1939-45: Patrol and Transport Aircraft HC. 17.95 17.95
SANDERSON. Mary Stewart’s People HC. 18.50 18.50
WHITE. Tanks and Other Armored Fighting Vehicles of World War II HC. 19.95 19.95
WEST. Christopher Columbus: The Great Adventure and How We Know About It HC SIGNED. 15.95 15.95
MANNING. The Other Side of the River HC. 22.95 22.95
MATTHEWS. The Arthurian Tradition SC. 5.95 5.95
WRIGHT. A Traveller’s Companion to London SC. 21.95 21.95
PALMER. The World of the French Revolution HC. 14.95 14.95
McFEELY. Ulysses S. Grant: An Album HC. 32.95 32.95
NEILLANDS. Grant: The Man Who Won the Civil War HC. 16.95 16.95
RICE. The Scots Abolitionists, 1833-1861. 14.95 14.95
ROGERS. Black Belt Scalawag: Charles Hays and the Southern Republicans in the Era of Reconstruction HC. 11.95 11.95
TARR. Throne of Isis: A Novel of Cleopatra HC. 12.95 12.95
WEINTRAUB. General Washington’s Christmas Farewell ARC. 8.00 8.00
STURGES. Chaucer’s Pardoner and Gender Theory HC. 35.00 35.00
MONCRIEFF. Kings and Queens of England HC. 14.95 14.95
MILTON. Big Chief Elizabeth HC. 19.95 19.95
NELSON. The Pirate Round HC. 17.95 17.95
VALLA. Lost Civilizations: The Civilization of the Incas HC. 15.95 15.95
SALMON. The History of Wilde Sapte HC. 20.00 20.00
SHRADY. A Skewed History of the Tower of Pisa ARC. 6.50 6.50
POYER. A Country of Our Own HC. 16.95 16.95
WILSON. Keene’s Liberty HC. 25.99 25.99
STEPHENSON. Headquarters in the Brush: Blazer’s Independent Union Scouts HC. 22.95 22.95
WELSH. The Battle for Christendom HC. 14.95 14.95
MRAZEK. Unholy Fire: A Novel of the Civil War HC. 11.95 11.95
MONCREIFFE. Royal Highness: Ancestry of the Royal Child HC. 14.95 14.95
WYNN. The Birth of Blue Satan HC SIGNED. 14.95 14.95
O’CONNOR. Star of the Sea ARC 8.50 8.50
THOMSEN. Commanding Voices of Blue and Gray HC. 19.95 19.95
SEARS. Controversies and Commanders: Dispatches from the Army of the Potomac HC. 11.95 11.95
SMITH. The Prisoners of Cabrera: Napoleon’s Forgotten Soldiers 1809-1814 HC. 11.95 11.95
PELLISTRANDI. Lost Civilizations: Early Christian Civilization HC. 15.95 15.95
WEIR. The Princes in the Tower PROOF. 6.90 6.90
RAWLEY. The Transatlantic Slave Trade: A History HC. 45.00 45.00
MORGAN. Brave Enemies PROOF. 7.50 7.50
PERRY. Touched with Fire ARC. 8.95 8.95
NIVEN. The Ice Master PROOF. 8.00 8.00
MONAGHAN/ADAMS/BOTKIN. The Book of the American West HC. 14.95 14.95
OLSON. The Emergence of the Social Sciences HC. 16.00 16.00
NISSEN/HEINE. From Mesopotamia to Iraq: A Concise History SC. 11.95 11.95
WEINTRAUB. Charlotte and Lionel HC. 12.00 12.00
ROBINSON. Royal Palaces: Windsor Castle, A Short History HC. 29.95 29.95
WILSON. Fifty Early American Towns HC. 12.95 12.95
STOCKWIN. Kydd PROOF. 10.00 10.00
TURTELTAUB. The Gryphon’s Skull HC. 14.00 14.00
WILSON. The Tower: The Tumultuous History of the Tower of London from 1078 HC. 12.95 12.95
WRIGHT. Strategies of Slaves and Woman: Life-Stories from East/Central Africa HC. 24.95 24.95
MYERS. The Deaths of the Bravos SIGNED HC. 49.95 49.95
NEAL. Eleanor and Harry PROOF. 9.00 9.00
TRUBY. The Glories of Salisbury Cathedral HC. 24.00 24.00
SEGAL. Crossing Cultures HC. 24.00 24.00
MASON. Duel for the Sky: Fighter Planes and Fighting Pilots of World War II SC. 12.95 12.95
PERRY. Touched with Fire HC. 17.95 17.95
TERESI. Lost Discoveries PR0OF. 8.95 8.95
NORMAN. English Weapons and Warfare 449-1660 HC. 14.95 14.95
TERESI. Lost Discoveries SC. 9.95 9.95
URWIN. Custer Victorious: The Civil War Battles of General George Armstrong Custer HC. 16.95 16.95
MOOREHEAD. Dunant’s Dream: War, Switzerland and the History of the Red Cross HC. 35.00 35.00
TUCKER. The English Civil War A Military Handbook HC. 15.00 15.00
O’LEARY. USAAF Fighters of World War Two in Action: Volume One, Volume Two, and Volume Three HC. 75.00 75.00
MASTERSON. Tories and Democrats HC. 7.00 7.00
SCOTT. The Tudor Age Commentaries of An Era HC. 14.00 14.00
MERTZ. Temples, Tombs and Hieroglyphs HC. 24.95 24.95

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