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ALDER. The Measure of All Things ARC. 9.00 9.00
HUDDLESTON. Killing Ground: Photographs of the Civil War and the Changing American Landscape HC. 37.95 37.95
HUTCHINGS. Modern China: A Guide to a Century of Change SC. 22.95 22.95
GUNSTON. Classic Aircraft Bombers: Profiles of Major Combat Aircraft in Aviation History HC. 19.95 19.95
GRIESEMER. Signal 9.50 9.50
CONRAD. Lost Civilizations: The Civilization of the Steppes HC. 15.95 15.95
CASSON. Mysteries of the Past HC SLIPCASE. 24.95 24.95
FINNEY. Gloriana’s Torch HC SIGNED. 39.00 39.00
BAHR. The Year of Jubilo HC. 14.95 14.95
DOWNING. The Binding Oath HC SIGNED. 24.95 24.95
KELLERMAN. Jonathan and Faye Kellerman Bibliography SC SIGNED. 24.95 24.95
AUEL. The Mammoth Hunters HC. 10.00 10.00
EICKHOFF. The Sorrows HC. 14.95 14.95
DUVALL. Congressional Committees Democracy in Action HC. 7.00 7.00
HARWELL. The Fiery Trail HC. 18.95 18.95
KESSNER. Capital City PROOF. 6.50 6.50
ASHLEY. The People of England HC. 9.50 9.50
NORTH. War Stories: Operation Iraqi Freedom HC SIGNED. 19.95 19.95
GREENBERG. Murder Most Confederate HC. 14.95 14.95
DOWNING. Ladies of the Goldfield Stock Exchange HC SIGNED. 23.95 23.95
AHNLUND. Gustavus Adolphus the Great HC. 15.00 15.00
COURTEMANCHE. No Need of Glory: The British Navy in American Waters 1860-1864 HC. 24.95 24.95
LOYN. The Making of the English Nation HC. 21.95 21.95
HOLLIS. London Rising: The Men Who Made Modern London HC. 12.95 12.95
HALE. The Story of the Nations: The Story of Spain HC. 24.95 24.95
BOWLE. The English Experience HC. 28.00 28.00
AVISON. Uncle Sam’s Marines: How They Fight HC. 29.95 29.95
GALLMAN. The Civil War Chronicle HC. 32.95 32.95
GUADALUPI. Latitude Zero Tales of the Equator HC. 14.00 14.00
COOK. Dr. Simon Forman A Most Notorious Physician HC. 35.00 35.00
COOK. Achilles HC. 12.95 12.95
FRASER. Cromwell SC. 12.95 12.95
SUCHER. Harley-Davidson: The Milwaukee Marvel HC. 19.95 19.95
HEWITT. Ancient Armour and Weapons SC. 5.99 5.99
HAYNES. The Gunpowder Plot HC. 12.00 12.00
ANNEQUIN. Lost Civilizations: Discovering of Famous Archeological Sites HC. 15.95 15.95
BATCHELOR. American Falls HC. 19.95 19.95
EYDOUX. Lost Civilizations: Facts and Enigmas in Archaeology HC. 15.95 15.95
GOODMAN. The Shadow of God HC. 18.00 18.00
CORNWELL. Sharpe’s Skirmish SC SIGNED. 19.95 19.95
HEIDLER. Pulling the Temple Down HC. 12.95 12.95
CARTER. Bright Starry Banner HC. 24.95 24.95
DYJA. Meet John Trow HC. 14.95 14.95
DAVIDSON. A Visitor’s Guide to a History of Britain: Locations from Five Thousand Years of History SC. 16.95 16.95
KIRCHBERGER. The Civil War and Reconstruction: An Eyewitness History SC. 14.95 14.95
LE ROY LADURIE. Carnival in Romans HC. 12.50 12.50
CANTOR. The Last Knight PROOF. 12.00 12.00
BROWN. The Normans HC. 14.95 14.95
GEAR. People of the River HC SIGNED. 21.95 21.95
BURMAN. Look Down That Winding River: An Informal Profile of the Mississippi HC. 14.95 14.95
CICATRIX. Imperial Exits HC. 12.00 12.00
EICHER. The Longest Night HC. 34.95 34.95
BIRT. The Glories of Winchester Cathedral HC. 24.00 24.00
FINES. Who’s Who in the Middle Ages HC. 9.95 9.95
BELLAMY. Bastard Feudalism and the Law HC. 15.00 15.00
BAILEY. The Oxford Book of London HC. 19.95 19.95
CARROLL. War Letters: Extraordinary Correspondence from American Wars SC EXCERPT. 11.95 11.95
BADSEY. Normandy 1944: Allied Landings and Breakout HC. 12.95 12.95
BAKER. Paradise Alley ARC. 10.95 10.95
FRANK. Reflections on the Nile HC. 19.95 19.95
HUMPHREYS. Nowhere Else on Earth ARC. 7.95 7.95
BOTKIN. A Civil War Treasury of Tales, Legends and Folklore HC. 6.95 6.95
LEAKEY. The Origin of Humankind HC. 11.95 11.95
FRANK. Shadows on the Aegean HC. 12.95 12.95
FERNANDEZ-ARMESTO. The Americas: The History of a Hemisphere HC. 19.95 19.95
GALBRAITH. The Rising Sun HC. 20.00 20.00
CANTOR. Antiquity The Civilization of the Ancient World PROOF. 10.00 10.00
BLAISE. Time Lord HC. 14.95 14.95
ADRIAN. Gob’s Grief ARC. 9.95 9.95
COYLE. Look Away HC. 19.95 19.95
LENT. In the Fall HC. 14.95 14.95
HARRISON. The Story of the Nations: The Story of Greece HC. 18.95 18.95
CRANE. The Civil War Reader: Literature HC. 12.95 12.95
DAVIS. Touched by Fire: A Photographic Portrait of the Civil War, Volume One HC. 18.95 18.95
FOWLER. The Battle of Milroy Station HC. 14.95 14.95
EISENHOWER. Yanks The Epic Story of the American Army in World War I PROOF. 8.00 8.00

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